Wednesday, February 1

So, I'm supposed to put a 'farewell post' here. So, I went to Tommy and asked him exactly what he wanted me to do.

Dr. Richard Kimble says:
what do you want me to write on your blog
PresidentTommy says:
just a short paragraph saying fuck you for not appreciating my blogs
PresidentTommy says:
PresidentTommy says:
maybe a picture of bill cosby

So: I just thought maybe I should let you guys know how hurt I was by some of your comments. I don't want to make a big deal out of it because, hey, I don't know a lot of you personally, but you should know that comments you make on the Internet can actually have a real effect on real people's emotions. I'd put a lot of time in, a few times a week, to consciously sitting down and writing articles for this site, all as a favour for my buddy Tommy. I wasn't getting anything for it, and you guys just decided you would have to sabotage my attempts to entertain a few people. Does putting others down really make you feel better? Did you get a kick out of knowing that my heart dropped after every time I'd spend an hour or more writing only to have you tear it all down with a few one-liners? You guys are just malicious wolves, picking on others around you, and I hope one day your lives will be filled with pain and misery because of it.

Ahahahaha, can you imagine what it would be like if I was really like that? See ya, I'm going back to reading Harry Potter slash fan fiction.


Skeletor said...

Wow, you found the half-stoned Bill Cosby pic from the pilot of "Black Single-Mother Groupies Make The Darndest Accusations"...

Kudos, Matt.

Cheers for the entertainment - and clarification on the fish/fishes issue.

Tommy said...

lucky you didn't copy paste that other msn convo

you know, the one where we cybered


Max said...

You were supposed to do the farewell blog without using 'the.' You used it once. FAIL! FAIL!

I did, however, enjoy your guest appearance on Tommy's blog..I quite enjoyed all bar one of the entries. Will be frequenting your blog more often.


matt said...

One day I might tell you kids where that entry came from.

I sure as shit didn't write it, but I was hoping someone would get it.

speirs said...

It's been emotional

Anonymous said...

<3 matt

Anonymous said...

Most of your posts were ok except that stupid story thing.I'll be visiting your blog more often though.Wait,no,thats a lie.
<3 Tommy