Tuesday, November 14

Labor wubs Pedos

Normally I stay clear of state politics, because, to be quite honest, it's boring as bat shit. I also normally stay clear of the phrase 'boring as bat shit', because I don't understand why bat shit is necessarily more boring than other shit. To be honest, it kind of intrigues me. Do they shit while hanging upside down? Isn't that pretty interesting?

But the NSW State Labor Government is making me excited in all the right places. First, there was the liar. Then, the pedo. And now, the dodgy wog. Put those three together and what do you have? Pedliawog? No. Excitement. The answer was excitement.

Obviously, the Milton Orkopolous scandal takes the cake. In case you're wondering, the scandal isn't that he's named Milton Orkopolous, it's that he's allegedly a kiddy-fiddler. With drugs. Allegedly. He was booted from the front bench and had his Labor membership suspended (is that a punishment?) pending a criminal investigation.

The liar was of course, Carl Scully, who lied in Parliament over the report into the Cronulla Riots. Because his name isn't 'John Winston Howard', he didn't get away with such a blatant lie, and got booted to the backbench.

Then there's this thing with Joe Tripodi and some dodgy land deal, but that's more boring than the multitude of things more boring than batshit.

So what does Labor need to do to improve their image and retain Government?

I spoke to the new Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, John Della Bosca.


I spoke to the new Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Carmell Tebutt.


For more on this news, I spoke to the new Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Eric Roozendaal.

Now that one doesn't even make sense.

For a comment on Rooozendaal's transformation, I spoke to the new, new, new Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, David Campbell.

Right, that's it. I'm taking this to the Premier.

Well.... That was unexpected. I was so shocked at the new Premier, that I went straight to the Prime Minister...

Damn it.


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