Thursday, December 27

The End

As some of you didn't seem to get the poignant subtlety of the last post, I'm done with the blog thing. Thanks craploads for reading and commenting and e-mailing and stalking. I'm pretty proud of the two+ years of content I posted, and it wouldn't have been nearly as fun without you, my double digit readers. I look back fondly at the times we shared, like the 100+ comment flame wars about terrorism and religion, and that time we both went for the same muffin and our hands touched and it was like nobody else existed except for us

Let me also apologise for the crappiness of the early audio blogs. Not the Latham ones though. They were awesome.), a

Props also to all the guest bloggers over the years, particularly Matt and REDACTED. A special mention to guest blogger Richie for his I Love Cats blog, which is still probably the greatest thing on the internet.

As for why I stopped, well for one thing - bitching about John Howard was about 50% of my gimmick. Having a full-time job also put a spanner in the works, as I don't think I could stop myself from bitching about that fat chick at work and then I'd just get fired. And yeah, two years of three posts a week (rounded up) was stretching it. I literally ran out of things I had an opinion on.

So thanks again, and.... well.. I promised myself I wouldn't cry :(